10 Weirdest Continuity Errors In Horror Movie History


This year’s fall season is expected to feature some of the most diverse and exciting titles to hit theaters. This is especially true for horror films because fans will be entitled to Halloween ends, pearland dark harvest, all seek to offer something different from the various filmmakers and stars.

But even the greatest horror movies in recent memory and cinematic history can’t always avoid mistakes that affect film continuity, creating unnecessarily weird effects in the process. Among the greatest horror films over the years, there have certainly been some strange continuity errors in the final cut.


ten IT Chapter 2 – Eddie’s Bandage

The long-awaited sequel to the 2017 hit THIS, the 2nd episode saw The Loser’s Club grow and come together in an attempt to get rid of the ancient evil entity known as IT. In one of the film’s confrontations, Eddie is attacked by former school bully Bowers, receiving a nasty gash on his left cheek in the process.

RELATED: 7 Scariest Things Pennywise Did In The Movies (& 8 They Should Have Included In The Book) But when they later enter the sewers, for a brief moment, the bandage is swapped to his right instead. This mistake was noticed by eagle-eyed viewers and while it didn’t break the film for many, it was strange to see this seemingly magical bandage transport from one side of the face to the other.

9 Jaws – Hooper Goggles

Not quite as one of Steven Spielberg’s greatest movies of all time, but one of the best shark attack movies according to IMDb. After beachgoers on Amity Island are attacked by a giant great white shark, police chief Brody teams up with an oceanographer named Hooper and shark hunter Quinn to stop him before he does. hunt someone else.

Throughout the film, Hooper’s frames change into different styles without any explanation. While an explanation that he had a spare pair might have fixed this error, it caused a major continuity problem in an otherwise near-perfect summer movie.

8 Disabled – Missing Messages

Released in 2014, friendless saw a group of high school friends chatting online, only to be joined by someone who took the name of their friend who committed suicide the previous year. Told all the way through Skype, the film may have attempted to tell the story from a fresh angle, but it raised a huge continuity error.

RELATED: Clue’s Multiple Endings & 9 Other Movies That Had Unique GadgetsAfter exchanging a message about someone appearing in the chat as her deceased friend, her former best friend Blaire clicks on another tab and when she returns to it, the last messages sent disappear completely. Unaware of this, she retypes the message and while it could have been used as a plot point, it becomes nothing more than a major continuity error left in the final cut.

seven Halloween – California in Illinois

While fans can look forward to the final showdown with Michael Myers and Laurie in one of the most anticipated horror releases this fall, newcomers may want to finally check out John Carpenter’s classic. After being sent to an insane asylum as a child, he escapes as an adult and seeks to kill Laurie Strode to begin his new killing spree.

While the film is supposed to take place in Illinois, filming took place in California which proved difficult for the young filmmaker to hide. Palm trees and cars with California license plates can be seen throughout the film and while those outside the states aren’t too affected, residents might not help but notice.

6 From Dusk Till Dawn – George Clooney’s Tattoo

Written by Quentin Tarantino and directed by Robert Rodriguez, the film follows the Gecko brothers as they attempt to escape to Mexico, only to find themselves trapped in a saloon full of vampires. But despite these beastly creatures of the night, that’s not the only mythical force at play.

Throughout the film, George Clooney’s tattoo changes position on his neck and sometimes even changes design. With streaming and DVDs readily available, it’s hard not to stop and admire this odd break in continuity in an otherwise fun film for Rodriguez and Tarantino fans.

5 Jeepers Creepers – Wrecked Car

The 2001 horror film attempted to introduce a new type of monster that could rival and perhaps reinvent classic horror movie monsters as a brother and sister encounter a mysterious figure hiding bodies in sewer pipes. During their first encounters with this monstrous entity, they try to avoid it on the road as their car collides with theirs.

But this scene quickly shows the car recovering from the damage it suffered to the rear without a scratch from its previous ramming by the monster truck. Although he was later revealed to have been shipwrecked at the end of the scene, he was sadly disappointed by the choice of shots used in the edit which made it one of his biggest mistakes in the series which saw the day since then.

4 Texas Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation – Zellweger’s Kneepads

Before appearing in blockbuster films like Bridget Jones Diary and the wolf of Wall Street, Renée Zellweger and Matthew McConaughey starred in the 4th entry in the series which saw Leatherface’s family return to scare a new generation of victims in one of IMDb’s lowest rated films. One of them was Jenny de Zellweger, who manages to escape the troubled family on her prom night.

Jumping over the hood of a car, fans can see the knee pads protecting the actress’ knees for this minor stunt. Despite the long dress trying to conceal this, the initial jump and fight showed a little too much of the protective gear that somehow remained in the initial cut.

3 The Gift – Cate Blanchett’s Dress

Not to be confused with the 2015 film of the same name, the 2000 film starred Cate Blanchett as a clairvoyant who receives visions that could help her solve a murder mystery in her town. But near the end of the movie, she performs a trick that just can’t be explained.

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Before entering her son’s room, she wears a striped dress, but after walking through the door frame, she wears a floral dress instead. Blanchett’s character couldn’t have predicted this major continuity error and besides cutting the scene completely, it was probably the best thing the filmmakers had to do.

2 The Faculty – Dry Zeke

Released in the late 1990s, Faculty saw six students discover that their teachers had been replaced by shapeshifting aliens. It had a lot of fun confrontations between young people and adults, but one of them remains very disconcerting, especially by its conclusion.

Mr. Furlong manages to push Zeke hard enough into an aquarium that he breaks and leaves the poor student soaked. But he comes out dry and while it might have been a clever ploy on first viewing that he might be an alien, that wasn’t the case and instead remains one of the biggest mistakes left in the movies. at the time.

1 Alien – Soil Change

One of Ridley Scott’s greatest masterpieces and one of the best sci-fi horror films ever released, Extraterrestrial got a lot of scares because of his terrifying Xenomorph and turning the spaceship security into a death trap. But there was also a big continuity error that couldn’t be changed.

As the creature wraps its tail around Lambert’s leg, the ground completely changes as well as the color of his pants. This one shot was originally intended for another character, but in order to build suspense, it was used for poor Lambert instead which some may not be able to look past this discovery.

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