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Being one of the largest truck manufacturers takes years of solid experience in the market. Because this industry is not easy to reach. There are a lot of companies that produce trucks, however, the ones mentioned in this list stand out for one particular reason – they have consistently maintained their status and have worked hard to bring a change in the trucking industry. Eager to know if your favorite manufacturer has made it? Let’s find out in no specific order.

1. Daimler

The Daimler Group, previously known as Daimler Chrysler, is a German company that has reached international heights and most certainly deserves to be on this list. This is a premier truck manufacturing company that also produces the same for many other side companies such as Mercedes Benz, Sterling Trucks, Western Star, Freightliner, Mitsubishi Fuso, as well as BharatBenz. Daimler was particularly popular in 2010 after launching stiff competition against its competitor, Isuzu. The company not only takes responsibility for making the best quality trucks, but also cars for the aforementioned partner companies. Next time you see the popular Mercedes-Benz Actros, you will know who is behind its success.

2. Iveco SpA

Meaning Industrial Vehicles Corporation, Iveco is one of the world’s leading truck manufacturers. Growing rapidly, Iveco has sold more than 134,000 trucks worldwide. It is a company based in Europe, from Italy. Larger company CNH Industrial NV owns Iveco, a company from the Netherlands, which itself is responsible for its spare parts and trucks. In the European market, Iveco appears to hold around 11% of the shares.

3. MAN Truck And Bus AG

Previously known as MAN Nutzfahrzeuge, this manufacturer has more than a long name. Did you know that he is MAN SE’s biggest subordinate? This basically means that its part of a bigger company. However, on his own he made quite a few achievements. In particular, MAN is known to be one of the leading suppliers of commercial vehicles, this too, on the international front. No wonder it is one of the most demanded truck manufacturers.

4. International Navistar Company

With over 313,000 trucks sold, it’s no surprise that Navistar is on this list of the world’s largest truck manufacturers. Being a Fortune 500 company, Navistar is known for manufacturing trucks for commercial and military purposes internationally. It also manufactures diesel transport vehicles under the name IC. Everyone loves a manufacturer who can do it all at the same time, which is why they deserve a place among the best of the best truck manufacturers.


Another Fortune 500 company, PACCAR is a large truck manufacturer that does production by Peterbilt, Kenworth and DAF who are themselves huge names. PACCAR has a higher percentage of the market share in the United States, which explains the company’s success in this target market. The manufacturer also offers its customers a lightweight design and manufacturing implication, making it a market-friendly company.

6. Scania AB

You may already know Scania because it is a renowned name in the truck industry. He is a proud subordinate of the famous Volkswagen AG. Scania is truly reaching global heights with offices everywhere, from France to India and Argentina. The automaker is best known for focusing on fuel efficient trucks and has received praise for its V8 gasoline engine which uses around 10% less fuel than other trucks.

7. Volvo AB

We again have a European manufacturer for the last one on our list. We see a sequence here too, but we can’t help it, there is something about these European trucking companies. The Volvo Group is of course well known and manufactures trucks under many other famous names like Renault and Eicher. In 2016 Volvo saw a huge point of around 300,000 trucks sold across the European front and by 2017 they had sold over 190,000 trucks which is impressive in itself.

There you have it, our pick of the top seven truck manufacturers from around the world. Which one do you prefer? While there are so many companies that have worked hard to make their mark, the ones above are in the lead for all the right reasons.


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