Autocar begins field testing battery-electric garbage trucks


Autocar, a leading manufacturer of professional heavy-duty specialty trucks, has built its first two alpha units featuring an all-electric powertrain. Both E-ACX battery electric cabover garbage trucks undergo a strict validation testing process to ensure the trucks are designed to meet the same challenges and requirements as their diesel and CNG counterparts.

Autocar’s all-electric E-ACX with cover removed to show one of three high voltage battery packs.

The E-ACX-64 alpha units are both automated sideloaders that take advantage of Autocar’s Power of One integration, with the industry’s best body integration process that provides parallel engineering with partners coachbuilders from Autocar, Heil and New Way. The alpha1 unit includes the HEIL COMMAND SST and the alpha2 unit includes the NEW WAY SIDEWINDER 3.0.

The E-ACX offers a battery-independent solution and an integrated cooling system that Autocar has designed to adapt to different battery technologies. As innovations and improvements in the electric vehicle industry evolve, Autocar’s E-ACX is designed to evolve and adapt to any battery usage the customer decides. for its programming. Autocar is one of the only OEMs to offer this, as most other OEMs are tied to specific manufacturers or use proprietary technology.

The E-ACX garbage truck can meet the toughest challenges with reliability and durability thanks to the industry’s best body integration, Power of One Plus. Autocar is the only OEM with this type of integration. Additionally, the electric garbage truck utilizes Meritor E axles designed to accommodate differences in electric trucks and unique smart display integration for operator information and diagnostics.

The E-ACX will be available for pre-order in 2023, with limited production in 2024.

Autocar is partnering with select customers to facilitate validation testing under real-world conditions to verify performance metrics and receive operator feedback for both alpha units. Garbage trucks are subjected to all types of climates from coast to coast, traveling thousands of stops and starts a day, in and out of landfills and transfer stations, putting even the best designed trucks. Therefore, these real-world tests and validations are essential to ensure that the E-ACX is ALWAYS UP.

The E-ACTT team that developed our all-electric terminal tractor receives a lot of credit for leading the development of the BEV and bringing this technology to severe service standards. The E-ACX is another step in our goal of helping fleets achieve zero emissions without compromising performance or durability.

—Timothy Thornton, vice president and general manager refuses at Autocar


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