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Chico, Calif., Jan. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Work Truck Solutions®, the leading authority on commercial vehicles, today released its 2021 commercial vehicle market analysis and forecast for 2022. Work Truck Solutions is the only company that collects national data reflecting custom utility vehicles after the chassis or van has been manufactured by an OEM.

Although 2021 commercial vehicle (CV) inventory reflects the auto industry‘s slowing vehicle production, overall commercial vehicle sales for the year were up more than 11% from 2020. In addition to the CV sales growth of the year, 2021 also demonstrated some interesting shifts in market direction. , with market demand for certain types of custom-fitted vehicles increasing markedly, measured as the overall proportion of customer demands for them.

The top ten commercial vehicle types by market demand for 2021 included the typical utility body which is used by the most vocations, but also included significant increases in buyer demand seen in dry freight, rising by 275%, and refrigerated, up by more than 200%. Continued demand for vans was tested by significantly reduced inventories, leading to increased demand for passenger vans, flatbeds and railcars which filled up as last mile needs continued to increase. ‘to augment.

Kathryn Schifferle, CEO of Work Truck Solutions, predicts that demand for vans will remain on the rise for 2022, along with the increase in refrigerated vans and box trucks. She also expects to see “a plethora of vehicles for unique cases such as ‘secure transportation,’ used for cannabis delivery, continue to grow in 2022, following a 283% increase in 2021.” Schifferle went on to say that they have observed a new rush in the provision of mobile maintenance services, all of which require specialist vehicles, both for fleet and home maintenance, as well as for the needs on duty. As a result, it is expected to be one of the fastest growing commercial vehicle segments in 2022. “Delivery vehicles have shown the largest increase in online leads; these are first mile, middle mile, last mile delivery vehicles – that category up a staggering 1,100%,” commented Schifferle.

As Work Truck Solutions predicted at the end of 2020, dealer list prices for new work trucks in 2021 have increased over 13%, and prices for new work vans have increased over 18% , illustrating the results of an increasing demand associated with a weaker supply. And even more dramatically, used vans averaged $40,000, up from $33,000 the year before, and used work truck prices were on average up more than 40%.

Work Truck Solutions and Schifferle also expect new and used commercial vehicle prices to maintain their significantly higher averages through 2022. Unlike retail vehicle prices, which are expected to decline because consumers can decide to delay their purchases, the values ​​of commercial vehicles will continue to fall. maintain at high levels because companies simply cannot wait.

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