Doug Ford’s daughter embarks on sweaty anti-vax rant after her Toronto cop husband is suspended



Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s eldest daughter Krista has a bit of history with anti-vaccination rants, expressing skepticism of vaccines, love of poppies over masks, dislike of vaccine passports and his unwavering support for fringe conspiracy theories.

The 30-year-old former footballer – including private Instagram profile refers to her as a ‘policewoman’ – got excited about social media both figuratively and literally this week, embarking on a sweaty cardio rant after her cop / bodybuilder husband from Toronto was fired home him on unpaid leave for failing to comply with the police service’s vaccination mandate.

Sergeant Dave ‘Juggernaut’ Haynes (really, that’s his real nickname) of Division 31 served in the force for 20 years, and his wife Krista is furious at his suspension, a decision that applies to all employees of the Toronto Police Service who refuse to be vaccinated or to disclose their status.

The uncomfortable-looking IG story rant is long and full of repetition, but a few highlights sum up the overall unbalanced tone for which Krista Haynes (née Ford) has become famous.

In his characteristic dogmatic fashion, Haynes presents this as a battle between good and evil. And yet, one way or another, workers sent home for putting vulnerable people at risk for their adherence to categorically disproved internet conspiracy theories are being portrayed as the victims of this equation.

It’s all enough about the brand for Haynes, who declares on IG that she loves “Jesus + Freedom” and regularly throws out quotes that would look comfortable on a pickup truck sticker in the Deep South. Her husband hasn’t been so vocal on these matters, but her suspension and Krista’s response may give clues to the cop’s personal views.

Haynes complains that employers’ vaccination policies drain the talented workforce, but many commentators are unconvinced of his point.

“We know services and resources are extremely limited, and it would be so stupid to send a very well-formed offer home on unpaid leave at a time like this,” said Haynes. “But unfortunately they made a very stupid decision.”

“We still hope and pray that they reverse their stupid decision and that these amazing officers, firefighters, nurses, teachers, everyone who was sent home on unpaid leave, can start doing what they love again,” dubbing not only his beliefs but his love of the adjective “idiot”.

Haynes goes on to say that “these careers are taken from people,” but it could just as easily be argued that these people throw their own careers down the toilet.

Many seem to side with Haynes on the issue, and the numbers back it up, with a recent poll revealing that 70 percent of Canadians support firing employees who refuse to be vaccinated.

But while his job in the police does not await him, some believe Sgt. Haynes has strong options for future business ventures.

Even with much of her schedule devoted to her businesses, speeches, and spreading dangerous misinformation, it’s good to know that Ford’s eldest daughter still has time to work out some cardio in her. daytime.



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