Going forward: new forage kitchen to open in Middleton; kombucha is gaining momentum | Restaurants


Hilldale is also increasingly busy, he said. The State Street location is working well, Aschauer said, but is not as busy as it was before the pandemic.

Aschauer, 33, opened the first three stores with Doug Hamaker, who is no longer associated.

The men were 24 when they opened their first restaurant, Roast Public House, on State Street. They closed Roast the same week they opened Hilldale Forage.

Hamaker then said the rent had become too high and they wanted to focus on the new Drilling.

Aschauer, which has three major investors and two minor investors, said early next year that once the Middleton site runs smoothly, it will begin exploring where to expand Drilling, possibly in Milwaukee, Minneapolis or cities. academics like Champaign, Illinois, or City of Iowa.

He said the tight labor market will affect how fast it can grow.

Forage’s kombucha is also growing and is now sold in 850 to 900 locations, primarily in the upper Midwest, but also in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Texas, Aschauer said.

“We haven’t really been to the east a lot, but a little bit to Pennsylvania,” he said.

Aschauer said Forage’s kombucha, which he and Hamaker started selling in artfully designed cans in 2017, is available to people new to the fermented tea drink.


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