Halo Infinite Multiplayer: Tips and Tricks for New Players


Halo Infinite’s multiplayer campaign looks instantly familiar, but there are a lot of changes players will need to know to survive on the battlefield.

It has been almost six years since the last mainline was released. Halo game, but while the campaign for Infinite halo getting closer every day, players have already been able to immerse themselves in the multiplayer beta. Fans of the series will recognize many aspects of returning, but Infinite is more than just a coat of new paint on an old warthog. Infinite improves its multiplayer with new weapons, abilities, maps and even vehicles. If used correctly, these new toys can give an edge on the battlefield in terms of damage and movement.

What mainly attracted players Halo when it launched 20 years ago it was the epic campaign, but players stuck for multiplayer. Players found the game to be great and the success of Halo Multiplayer would continue to grow as new mechanics were added and online connections became more accessible. Since its creation, Halo multiplayer has grown steadily to become what it is today.

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Pick a weapon, Spartan

There are more than a few familiar UNSC and Covenant weapons out there, but the Banished arsenal gives players more advantage (figuratively and literally) in many situations. The majority of banned weapons have a stronger melee compared to the rest of the weapons, which can be attributed to the fact that some banned weapons have a bladed weapon on the muzzle or butt, allowing for easy killing. For example, the Mangler can easily decimate other players with a melee shot followed by a melee attack.

Another characteristic of banned weapons is the “Shock” effect. Weapons like the Disruptor, Shock Rifle, and Dynamo Grenade share this effect and have multiple uses. First, these weapons are capable of disabling vehicles for a period of time. The effect will trigger instantly for the grenade but can take a few hits with the Disruptor and Shock Rifle. A fully charged Plasma Pistol shot will no longer use EMP vehicles, so use Shock Weapons instead.

Second, the “Shock” effect will chain enemies if they stand close to each other. Players will get the most out of shock weapons when targeting a group of players, as they will all be affected by lighting. The Shock Rifle makes the most of arc lighting, as players can shoot enemies, weapons, and equipment to trigger the chain reaction.

It should be remembered that weapons have different melee speeds – the bigger the gun, the slower it will be to swing. For example, while holding the gun, players will swing once per second. During this time, the larger skewer stabs every 1.10 seconds. If the players have the Oddball, the players get an increased swing speed, with a time of 0.55 seconds.

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Equipment will help you stay alive

The equipment comes back to Infinite halo with some changes. Instead of being able to choose loads like in Scope of the halo, gear must be picked up from certain spawn locations or other players. At the time of writing, there are currently seven types of gear that players can use: Dropwall, Repulsor, Grappleshot, Threat Sensor, Thrusters, Active Camo, and Overshield. While most of the equipment is self-explanatory, there are a few with surprising uses. Grappleshot can be used for more than just fast travel – it can also be used to hook weapons towards you or hook onto vehicles. It’s even possible for players to grab onto a flying plane and hijack it for themselves.

At first glance, the Repulsor looks quite disappointing as a piece of equipment. When activated, it sends out a shock wave that knocks enemies back. However, players may not be aware that it is possible to push enemies off cliffs and even splash them against the wall. Additionally, Repulsor can redirect grenades and missiles fired at the player. It is also possible to boost yourself with the Repulsor by pointing it at your feet when you jump. Finally, Repulsor can be used to give weapons to teammates. By dropping an item, players can throw the gift at a teammate with the Repulsor shock wave.

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Vehicles can carry more than your team

For those players who suffer from PTSD from the Brute Chopper destroying their Warthog, worry no more! The Brute Chopper can no longer crush vehicles by crushing them. However, players still have to worry about being blown to pieces by the massive wheel or being blown up by the two side-mounted cannons.

One of the newer vehicles, the Razorback, is a heavily armored Warthog variant that doesn’t include the familiar chain gun. Instead of a turret, this extra space is used for additional passengers. The Razorback also has a chest space where players can store powerful weapons, such as a skewer, gravity hammer, or energy sword. On Capture the Flag, enterprising players can even tuck the flag away under the truck.

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