Heil and Boivin Evolution Inc. propel waste collection into a low-carbon future


BEV is a pioneer in technology that enables fully electric automated RCV operation, compared to current technologies that adapt a traditional hydraulic body to a battery-powered chassis. RCV BEVs can be configured to be completely self-powered with their own batteries for conventional diesel, compressed natural gas (“CNG”) or electric chassis, and can also be integrated into the electric chassis to use a common battery pack . An RCV using BEV’s technology can complete a full ten-hour route on a single overnight charge, while packing ten tons of legal payload, and still have a battery charge to spare. Additionally, the use of electric RCVs offers waste haulers and their municipal waste customers a new, technologically and economically viable tool for sustainability initiatives.

“Heil has long been recognized as a pioneer in alternative fuel technologies, starting with our CNrG® CNG tailgate offering and mounting of Heil hydraulic bodies on electric chassis,” said ESG President, Pat Carroll. “The relationship with Claude Boivin and BEV fits perfectly with Heil’s goal of bringing innovative designs to improve efficiency and productivity.”

“With the advent of RCV body electrification, the need for hydraulic power is eliminated, reducing the environmental impact and a significant component of the cost of truck bodies,” said BEV President, Claude Boivin. “With this fully electric body, maintenance costs are reduced, NOx emissions – when paired with a diesel chassis – are reduced and overall energy consumption is reduced. When paired with an electric chassis, BEV technology enables RCV with virtually zero emissions.”

“Heil is part of Environmental Solutions Group – and it’s not just a name for us,” Carroll said. “The introduction of the Heil Electric Body is the next step in our evolutionary process to develop products and services that enable our customers to have a positive impact on our environment today while fulfilling their important societal function of economical and efficient manner.

Concurrent with the acquisition, BEV and Heil have entered into a business partnership under which BEV will manufacture RCV bodies for the markets of Canada and France under the BEV brand, while RCV bodies for the rest of the world markets will be manufactured and supported by Heil.

Heil and BEV will also collaborate on the development of future electric waste collection technologies.

About Hill:

Founded in 1901, Heil is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ultra-durable, high-productivity, custom-configured garbage truck bodies with optimized chassis integration and automation solutions that help customers achieve cost lowest possession. Their dumpsters include a wide variety of front loaders, side loaders, and rear loaders. Heil dumpsters are known in the waste industry as legendary for their productivity, long life, ease of maintenance and operator safety. Heil is part of the Environmental Solutions Group family of companies serving the waste industry. Heil has a nationwide network of 34 dealerships in more than 50 locations across United States. They pride themselves on being a leader in customer service and providing world-class training and after-sales support. For more information about Heil, visit heil.comthe Heil Facebook page or follow Heil on Twitter.

About Boivin Evolution:

Founded in 2017 and located in Lévis, Quebec, Boivin Evolution specializes in the design and manufacture of all types of fully electric dumpsters. For more information about BEV, visit www.bev.ca, LinkedInWhere Facebook

Heil Contact:
Matthew Morgan
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Boivin Evolution contact details:
Claude Boivin
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