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the Truckers Inside Canada They do an important job as they are responsible for transporting goods, supplies and merchandise through the roads of the North American country. This work is well rewarded because they get one Salary Medium-high. So, to find out more about this profession, we tell you How much money does a truck driver earn in Canada?.

People working in this field can be hired through moving companies, manufacturing, food distribution, etc. In addition, if they want to start working, they must meet certain requirements. Finished second.

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How much money does a truck driver earn in Canada?

A To drive a truck Can earn an average of $23 Canadians For an hour in this country, According to the official job site of Job Bank, a North American country. The company also says, in general, the salary Trailer It costs between $16 and $38 per hour of work.

So a person can earn about $1,104 for working six days a week. With this, he can enjoy an average monthly income of C$4,416.

Truckers in Canada earn an average of C$23 per hour. Photo: AFP

What are the requirements to work as a truck driver in Canada?

Job Bank realized that those who are interested They work as truck drivers in Canada They mainly meet the following requirements:

  • Finish high school.
  • Candidates for some jobs must have taken up to three months of driving lessons.
  • Class 3 or D license to drive straight body trucks.
  • Driver’s license for Class 1 or higher mixed trucks.
  • Drivers transporting dangerous goods or materials must have a Transport Dangerous Goods (TMD, for short) certificate.

Where in Canada do you pay the most for truckers?

According to the Canadian government’s employment agency, truckers in some parts of the North American country can earn upwards of C$35 per hour.

  • Alberta: $38 per hour
  • British Columbia: $37.15 per hour
  • Yukon: $35 per hour
  • Northwest Territories: $35 per hour
  • Nunavut: $34 per hour.

Truckers are required to transport all types of goods on Canada’s roads. Photo: AFP

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What activities do truckers perform in Canada?

The actions of every trucker in Canada vary depending on the service they provide and the company they work for; However, in general, truck drivers must perform the following tasks:

  • Drive trucks with trailers or long-distance telecommunications vehicles, as well as carrier trucks weighing more than 4,500 kilograms with all types of cargo.
  • Have all the documents to transport the goods.
  • Check that the cargo being transported meets safety requirements and take appropriate action to replace dangerous items.
  • Keep track of load information, distance traveled, total fuel consumption and maintenance time.
  • Perform emergency road repairs.
  • Inspect the vehicle before and after each trip.
  • Check the condition of items before loading and unloading them into the vehicle.

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