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In the modern world, where businesses are growing rapidly and providing various services, nothing is impossible for people. Today it is quite possible to sell even a burnt-out car.

If you are wondering: how can I sell my scrap car? Fortunately, there is an answer to this question: contact JunkCarsUs!

This service can buy your car in any condition. If your car is after an accident, if it’s not running, if your car has sunk or burned out, or if it doesn’t have all the parts, then this is what they need! They want to buy it.

In this article, you can learn several ways to sell your unwanted car. We’ll provide you with information on each of the options and show you all the pros and cons. That way, you can rely on what you read to figure out what’s best for you.

An unwanted vehicle is a headache for the owner. You have to think about where to store it: paying for a space in a guarded car park will cost a pretty penny. At the same time, if you choose storage on the street, there is a high risk that the “benefactors” will unscrew something. In general, the sooner you get rid of the car, the better it is for your mental warm-up and your budget. However, it is very difficult to sell such a vehicle in most cases. We have prepared several options on how to sell an unwanted car.

What are the ways to sell your unwanted vehicle?

There are several ways to sell such a vehicle. Even in a situation where the car is after an accident or is damaged, you can still sell it profitably. Here, we will analyze 3 main modes of sale:

  • Sell ​​yourself through advertisements on the Internet platform;
  • Contact junk car removal services;
  • Repair your car and sell it.

Obviously, each of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages, let’s take a look at them.

Contact Junk Car Removal Services

Currently, a large number of companies across America are engaged in the purchase of vehicles after an accident. Therefore, you will definitely have no problem selling an unwanted car. Car moving services buy vehicles in almost any condition:

  • with small bumps and scratches;
  • burned and after drowning;
  • not recoverable.

Even though the accident resulted in broken body geometry, damaged structural components, and deployed airbags, companies such as JuncCarsUS can still accept such a car.

It should be noted that in this case, the year of manufacture, the model and the brand usually do not matter. The main advantage of this service is the speed of the transaction.

The whole process is very fast. A specialist comes to inspect the vehicle and tells you at what price this car can be sold. If you agree to sell it for this money, professionals help you re-register the documents and you get paid. The car is taken by a company tow truck wherever you are.

The downside of the option is that buying companies usually offer 10-15% less than what you could get if you sold it yourself. On the other hand, it is much easier and faster to contact a specialized company than to spend money on repairs or time looking for a buyer personally.

Why do companies need your wrecked car?

If the car can be renovated, it is repaired and resold, capitalizing on the difference in value. If the vehicle is beyond repair, it is dismantled for parts.

How do I sell my unwanted car via the Internet?

Another way to sell a damaged car is to advertise on the Internet. You can place ads on a website, newspaper or special social networks and wait for buyers.

How much money to ask for a car? It all depends on the technical condition, year of manufacture, brand and mileage. This article deals with the question of how to sell a junk car, so let’s take a closer look at the condition of the vehicle.

Experts note that the working gearbox and engine are already about 30% of the price of the car. If you have more working parts, you can easily increase the cost. However, you need to remember that everything is really individual. Sometimes it is possible to win 50% of the prize, sometimes no one will give even 30%.

Sometimes the buyer can fix the price, in this situation you just have to decide whether to sell or not. The classic way to appraise a car is to watch related ads. Just check the same model, same make, year and same damage, it can be very helpful! We also recommend adding around 5% to the one-time cost – this is the amount of money that can be safely reset with a good deal.

Is it a good idea to repair a scrap car and sell it?

This option is the hardest and longest, but in some rare conditions it can bring benefits.

As you know, repairs always start with a damage assessment. Simple damage is scratches, dents, fender, bumper, headlight or grille damage. Usually in this case it is enough to replace and paint parts of the car. The main thing is that the car body is not damaged.

However, if the frames and power elements are deformed, the repair will either be very difficult and expensive or even impossible. In this way, you can only benefit from the renovation of a car if you then sell it for more than what you have invested. For example, if you are professional in repairing vehicles or know a car service station where they will do it well and inexpensively.

It’s up to you which option to choose! The most comfortable way is to use a service that will buy your car without any damage. Moreover, he will pick it up from anywhere in the country absolutely free.

The hardest way is the last one, if your car is in poor condition, you will probably spend a lot of time and effort restoring it and selling it.

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