It’s always time to renegotiate your mortgage.

The fall in interest rates in real estate always makes it interesting to restructure its loans in progress, whether to reduce monthly payments or its debt ratio.

Still attractive rates

Still attractive rates


With the continuation of the downward trend in mortgage rates, individuals who have outstanding loans have every interest in looking at their financial records to seriously consider restructuring their debts.

Even without being in a situation of over-indebtedness, this rearrangement of the loans contracted can make it possible to make serious savings, all the higher as the sums involved are significant.

In many cases, the current drop in rates hovering around 1% depending on the situation, a well-negotiated negotiation with his bank should lead either to a significant drop in the amount of monthly repayments, or to a substantial reduction in total debt. 

The importance of taking care of your profile

The importance of taking care of your profile


But as in any discussion with a bank, the profile remains an essential element for the smooth running of a file presentation. A substantial initial contribution, a proven savings capacity, in short, guarantees on the seriousness of your profile are always key assets when faced with a banker.

As well for a first loan as for a loan repurchase, demonstrating to your interlocutor that you are a responsible borrower should earn you a few tenths of points. Because all bankers like to deal with people who know how to measure the risks and the consequences of their decisions.

This drop in rates forces the banks to find many customers to maintain their level of activity. So you shouldn’t wait long before getting a response, no matter what your case. In case of refusal, do not hesitate to consult another financial institution, you should find a less careful banker on your profile.

The ideal, in this case, is to use the services of a broker whose deep knowledge of the market should allow you to conclude quickly and in good conditions.

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