Most Lancaster County Elected Officials Wages To Increase 3% After Next Election | Local government


The salaries of Lancaster County elected officials in 2023 – following this year’s general election – would range from $ 59,000 to almost $ 180,000, typically 3% more than what these officials currently receive, based on ‘a recommendation from a committee.

State law requires county councils to set salaries for elected officials – including their own – by Jan. 15 every four years, before a general election. This year’s recommendations will affect salaries from 2023 to 2026.

The committee sets salaries for 2023, then determines an increase formula for subsequent years, usually based on the consumer price index. Due to concerns about possible inflation and its desire to be fiscally responsible, the committee recommended, for the first time, that an annual cap on these increases be set at 5%.

“The CPI has been ubiquitous,” said Judy Halstead, chair of the wages committee and former director of the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department. “We don’t have a crystal ball to see where inflation might or might not go, so we also put in a safeguard.”

For example, in October, the CPI was 6.6% over the previous 12 months; in November, it rose to 7.7%, Halstead said.

The committee’s increase formula is based on a 3% increase each year, but with adjustments based on changes in the CPI.


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