“Not just black children”: Ahmaud Arbery’s father Marcus praised for saying “all lives matter”


The grieving father of Georgian jogger Ahmaud Arbery said “all lives matter” after a jury found Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael and William Bryan guilty of murdering his son.

The three defendants were convicted on multiple counts of killing the 25-year-old black man while jogging on the street. The McMichaels shot dead Arbery on February 23, 2020 in Brunswick, Ga., After chasing him in their truck. Bryan is said to have joined the McMichaels as they pursued the victim and helped them follow him. He also filmed the murder on his cell phone which was eventually leaked, sparking national outrage. The jury in Glynn County, Georgia, delivered their verdict after more than ten and a half hours of deliberation.


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Marcus Arbery spoke to the press on the steps of the courthouse on Wednesday afternoon, November 24, and stressed that no one should suffer the fate of his beloved son, regardless of the color of his skin. “For real, all lives matter,” Arbery said as the crowd, including Reverend Al Sharpton, nodded in agreement. “Not just black kids, we don’t want to see anyone go through this.” He continued, “I don’t want any daddy to watch his kid get shot like that. That’s our whole problem. So let’s keep fighting. Let’s keep doing it and make this place a better place for all. human beings. All human beings. ” The grieving father added, “Love everyone! All human beings should be treated equally. Today is a good day.”

Social media has been inundated with praise for Marcus Arbery after insisting that “all lives matter.”

“Ahmaud Arbery’s case PROVES that there is justice based on EVIDENCE, not skin color. Her father: ‘All lives matter.’ Amen,” activist Avi Yemini tweeted.

Ahmad Arbery’s father: ‘All lives matter’. God bless this man, ”wrote Bill Clinton rape accuser Juanita Broadrick.

“Ahmaud Arbery’s father with a superb display of grace after the murder of his son,” actor Greg Ellis said. “A year ago, I was vilified by a crowd awakened for saying ‘ALL Lives Matter.’ Well you know what, they are doing. We are a human race. All together. Woka-cola drinkers are becoming the minority, “he added.

“Ahmaud Arbery has a very good family. It’s very obvious. I love that her father said that all lives matter and that her mother thanked God,” commented journalist Carmine Sabia.

“What an unthinkable tragedy. Unfortunately the left will add misery to the mix because he’s now, by their standards, an Uncle Tom on the right? That’s what they think,” the former baseball pitcher said. Curt Schilling.

Arbery’s family have avoided the politics surrounding the case following his murder. In June of last year, Arbery’s mother, Wanda Cooper, publicly appreciated how former President Trump has shown compassion and concern for his family and other families under similar circumstances. “I was very, very moved throughout the conference,” she told Fox News as Trump signed an executive order on police reform. “[Trump] was very compassionate. He showed a major concern for all families. Not just a family, but for all families. She added: “I can say that President Trump was very welcoming. He listened and he addressed each family accordingly.

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