Original Airbnbs That Make the Perfect New Years Getaway



With the New Year fast approaching, it’s possible that many of us will want to get away from it all with a weekend getaway.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing retreat or a secluded place to get away from the rest of the world, hosting giant Airbnb has plenty of options.

If you’re looking to truly escape the realms of reality, Airbnb has even the most quirky properties so you can experience a weekend getaway with a twist.

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Some are in the heart of Dorset, while others may require you to venture into neighboring counties.

Either way, it’s likely that these accommodations are a far cry from your regular family life.

To start the New Year off right, we’ve compiled a list of the most original Airbnbs we’ve come across in and around Dorset.

Lists are based on a long weekend for two adults checking in on Friday December 31st and departing Monday January 3rd.

1 – Comfortable Military Truck, Lyme Regis

The comfortable military truck is also eco-conscious with its solar panels

We start off strong with perhaps the most original on this list and it’s this army truck in the middle of a field in Lyme Regis, not far from Lyme Bay.

Since our getaway is planned for the middle of winter, we wonder if the truck will be warm enough. However, the Airbnb list reassures us that the truck is well insulated and has a combustion stove.

The list also says vacationers will likely have all the land to themselves, with fewer vacation crowds, which could make for a romantic retreat.

A photo showing the interior of the converted army truck
The interior of the truck is narrow, but comfortable

You really need to get comfortable with your partner because the truck is narrow and only has two living areas. The truck is divided into a living room and kitchen of approximately 9 “x 8” and a bedroom of approximately 6 “x 8”.

It costs £ 60 a night, so for three nights for two adults, plus a service charge of £ 30, your total comes to £ 210.

You can see the full list on Airbnb here.

2 – An entire lake for yourself in Exmoor

A photo of a wooden cabin in the distance overlooking a large lake
Have an entire lake to yourself and a stunning natural setting

If you’ve ever imagined a fairytale getaway to a log cabin that overlooks stunning lake views, then this accommodation might be the one for you.

The lake house is as she suggests – you have the whole lake to yourself as the house is set in an acre of secluded land.

For nature lovers and those looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of life, this cabin has three bedrooms and a patio that overlooks the lake view.

This will set you back around £ 113 per night but it has given it a 4.96 star rating out of five out of 49 reviews, the majority rating accommodation five out of five in terms of cleanliness, location and communication with the hosts.

You can book and see all the details here.

3 – Connect with nature in this Glastonbury yurt

Connect with nature and escape the world inside this yurt retreat
Connect with nature and escape the world inside this yurt retreat

If you are looking to truly connect with nature and get rid of the distractions of your phone for a weekend, then this Glastonbury yurt retreat could be ideal.

The yurt offers a large skylight allowing natural light to seep in and is a great opportunity for vacationers to gaze at the stars.

This rounded domed dwelling is almost reminiscent of something you might find at the famous Glastonbury Festival with exposed wooden frames and fabric lined walls.

The roof and walls covered with fabric make it a warm and comfortable accommodation
The roof and walls covered with fabric make it a warm and comfortable accommodation

However, the host claims that the fabric-lined roof and walls are meant to look like “a hug from the inside.”

It seems like this is something for those who love the outdoors but don’t want the hassle of camping and it could be yours for New Years weekend for £ 78 a night.

For more details on the yurt, you can consult the file here.

4 – Luxury Octagonal Home, Somerset

This uniquely shaped octagonal home offers luxury living
This uniquely shaped octagonal home offers luxury living

For those who wish to stay at a campsite that is a little less family-friendly and more upscale, a couple’s getaway, this eight-sided house offers a bit of luxury.

The octagonal house has a unique shape and that is why it is on this list – however, you also get all that 18th century cottage to yourself including all of the beautiful scenery.

Much like Dorset, the neighboring county of Somerset offers many rural huts for people to escape their hectic lifestyles.

From this accommodation you are treated to a view of a nearby bubbling stream and waterfall in the heart of the Quantock Hills.

Bring an eight-sided building, the house offers uniquely shaped rooms and just outside is a hot tub for enjoying the view of the night sky while taking a bath.

It’s the most expensive on our list at £ 339 a night for two adults – more details of which can be found here.

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