Ree Automotive and EAVX to begin customer trials of walk-in electric delivery van


Ree Automotive will supply the electric platform for a new Class 5 van from EAVX, the companies announced on Tuesday.

The vehicle will enter customer trials this summer in the Detroit area. Retail, delivery and logistics customers will test the vehicle, with production vehicles delivered in 2023.

“This is great proof of EAVX’s unprecedented offering to accelerate commercial vehicle electrification for existing and new customers,” said John Poindexter, CEO and President of parent company EAVX, JB Poindexter & Co. (JBPCO). “By partnering with Ree for its innovative Reecorner technology and modular electric chassis, EAVX can leverage JBPCO’s proven experience in creating excellent work truck and utility vehicle bodies and accessories to design and manufacture electric commercial fleets of all sizes and in all markets.

JBPCO is also the parent company of coachbuilder Morgan Olson. The new vehicle, which is the first to use Ree’s (NASDAQ:ETR) The P7 electric drive-by-wire platform will be equipped with a Morgan Olson body. The P7 is powered by ReeCorner and X-by-Wire technology which allows each wheel to move independently. It will offer battery-as-a-service and data-as-a-service programs.

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The P7 is designed as a skateboard deck for class 3-5 vehicles. The company said the range will be up to 370 miles with a top speed of 80 miles per hour and a battery capacity of 120 kWh. The body of the new vehicle is a prototype. More details on this will be released later, the companies said.

“EAVX and Ree are delivering on their joint promise from last year and at a record pace. The road tests of our Class 5 minivan are a testament to the strength and progress of our EAVX partnership,” said Daniel Barel, co-founder and CEO of Ree. “We are delighted that customers are experiencing first hand the unique benefits of the first X-by-Wire vehicle built with premium Morgan Olsen bodywork and Powered by Ree, a clear step towards firm orders.”

Ree announced the P7 in January at the Consumer Electronics Show. It can handle a variety of body types, from cargo to passenger.

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