These are the worst off-road SUVs in 2021


In terms of popularity, SUVs rank among the major types of cars. The four-wheel sport utility vehicle (SUV) brand is generally known for its off-road capabilities, which is why sales are steadily increasing year on year.

The idea of ​​SUVs arose when drivers needed a car that could perform well on the road and maintain its balance in rugged landscapes.

So, manufacturers like Jeep and Ford have combined the features of an ordinary truck with a hatchback to create a unique sport utility vehicle that meets the needs of consumers. However, the market is very different today as many SUV owners use their vehicles in the suburbs.

So, in response to current needs, manufacturers like General Motors and Ford are incorporating nice designs into their SUVs to satisfy their customers while sacrificing the real goal: off-road capability.

Despite their incredible features and designs, these are some of the worst off-road SUVs in 2021.

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Jeep Cherokee Trackhawk

Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk


The Jeep Cherokee Trackhawk is equipped with a 707 hp turbocharged Hemi from the Dodge Challenger Hellcat. Jeep’s new SUV is a sportier version of the Grand Cherokee SRT, which develops 475 horsepower. But such high horsepower did little for its off-road capabilities.

The 2017 Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is the SUV equivalent of the Challenger Hellcat. While it seems like a formidable off-roader, it’s little more than an all-wheel drive vehicle. It comes with all the necessary equipment, like an engine and a gearbox, housed in an SUV chassis.

On the road, the Trackhawk is intense and incredible. Almost anything that isn’t a one-way drag racing car will be defeated by the 707bhp Hellcat engine crammed under the hood of the Trackhawk.

Still, it’s astonishing that such power couldn’t create the same magic on an empty asphalt landscape. With virtually no technology created to help drivers once they’ve got off the road, the Trackhawk is susceptible to getting caught spinning its wheels in the dirt.

Cadillac Escalade

Cadillac Escalade 2021: overpriced V8

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Cadillac Escalade has remained a popular choice due to its luxury and space. A family of five can easily use this wonderful SUV for a picnic or shopping. With characteristics that allow it to ride smoothly on the road, an Escalade is perfect until it hits the ground.

The average owner of a modern Cadillac Escalade should never try to take the SUV off the road, which is why the automaker hasn’t bothered to include real off-road capability.

It can be good to overcome the occasional obstacles, but it seems that many parts of the Escalade are not designed to withstand prolonged off-road use.

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Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne 2021

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Buying an expensive luxury SUV doesn’t mean sacrificing off-road capabilities. Cars like the Mercedes G-Class and the Range Rover are expensive and both perform well on dirt. However, the Porsche Cayenne, with several improvements and features, goes off the road.

Manufacturers included four doors, a taller body, and all-wheel drive. Loyal customers may not have liked the new features, which resulted in incredible ride speeds and power. Other updates like the adjustable suspension reduced body roll while the modern low-profile wheels provided plenty of traction.

Unfortunately, such characteristics indicate that the automobile will struggle on surfaces other than asphalt. The Cayenne only gained popularity for being a fast SUV when its off-road capabilities suffered.

Ford Explorer

2022 Ford Explorer ST


The famous Ford Explorer is without a doubt the automobile that started the current SUV obsession in America. After decades of vintage frame-body suspension engineering, the redesigned Explorer is a contemporary unibody automobile with on-the-road features.

However, no Explorer owner is going to want to take their vehicle for those tough off-road activities.

The Ford Explorer can still run on dirt roads, but not for long. The company added features that can cut through soft gravel and mud, but it will disintegrate into something more difficult without adjustments.

Because the Explorer is such a renowned vehicle, there are many aftermarket accessories available to enhance the off-road capabilities of the vehicle. However, driving an all-new factory-built Ford Explorer on a mountain, on the other hand, can likely end in discomfort, a hitch, and a damaged car.

Hummer H2


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The Hummer H2 is arguably one of the quintessential worthless SUVs of the past decade, but it’s still on the road today. The Hummer H1 was always too tough on most consumers when General Motors decided to introduce it into regular manufacturing.

So it was only natural for GM to develop the H2, a truck-based vehicle with a powerful V8 engine. Despite its comfortable body and a long list of features, it still comes across as a bat.

The H2 was awful off-road, despite its pleasant appearance and the power of the V8. In fact, it was far too big and cumbersome to navigate on any surface. Sadly, those who bought it for its off-road capabilities wasted their investment, and it’s probably not the best vehicle choice for a road trip in 2021.

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