Thieves steal $60,000 in eyeglass frames from Arlington County store owner known for charity work – NBC4 Washington


Security camera video captured the tense moments when a group of thieves robbed an Arlington County store owned by a man known in the community for his charity work.

On Tuesday, thieves smashed boxes at EyeSee Optique that proudly displayed luxury eyeglass frames while customers shopped inside.

“It happened so fast, and I’m still shaking as I talk to you here,” owner Waheed Abbasi said.

In the security footage, a man can be seen walking through the locked front door. Then another man comes in and holds the door for three more.

The five suspects take hammers to the boxes and fill bags with Cartier, Dior and Gucci frames, worth approximately $60,000 worth of merchandise.

“I’m glad our customers are safe, I’m glad Mary and I are safe. We couldn’t really do much because they were so careless, they were just here with trash bags and grabbing everything what they could get their hands on,” Abbasi said.

What scammers might not know is that when Abbasi isn’t running his shop, he’s supporting the community.

Last Thanksgiving, he led a group of volunteers who prepared hot meals for Afghan refugees and their families living in our area.

“We give and you know…we were hit hard yesterday. And I don’t think it should have happened, but it did,’ he said.

When the thieves fled from his store, Abbasi recorded the getaway.

The five suspects jumped into a pickup truck with Carmax plates on the front and temporary Maryland tags on the back, rushing with merchandise that helps Abbasi pay for work that helps the community.

Arlington County police said they are investigating, and at this time, they do not believe the getaway car was a stolen vehicle.


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