This Brewster Ford town car hid in an old hot rod shop


Helping someone sort out their old workshop of abandoned cars can be a lot of fun. And it can be tricky, too, trying to figure out what’s among a mass of old vehicle parts that probably haven’t seen the light of day in over half a century.

Two guys from the Classic Car Rescue YouTube channel did just that. Filming inside a disused old workshop, they tried to identify as many pieces of the cluttered old outhouse as possible. And they found some really cool stuff classic cars, lots of old parts and a mystery vehicle.

Inside the old workshop

The owner of the place used to build hot rods, and for many years he didn’t care. The cars and the parts inside are just gathering dust. Now he wants to try and sell the content, so he’s being asked for help browsing through everything.

The first thing that strikes you when you look inside is the amount of thick dust all over everything. It’s just everywhere. There is no color, everything looks gray. Especially in enclosed spaces where the light is not too good.

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The two guys slowly scan the barn, spotting the parts they recognize. There are tons of Model A and Model T components; fenders, frames, hoods, sides, bumpers, interior parts, seats and even engines.

Among the old lawn mowers and vintage stoves is a rolling chassis for a 1929 Roaster pickup truck. “Look at the front of that thing, sweetie!” comment one. As he admires the charming old rusty truck which has spoked wheels and is in fairly good condition for its age. “He has the bones of a fine build,” he says as they walk around.

There are ramshackle car parts, old household machines, and vintage signs (including a Mobile sign with a Pegasus on it) scattered around the plaza. They locate many Chevy parts; trunk lids, bumpers, taillights, doors, hoods and a host of other cool parts. All choked with dust, but ripe to be saved.

In a section of the old workshop, they come across the rusted hull of a custom 1929 Ford Model A roadster. The old hot rod looks pretty complete. A car that was driven by the owner and is now ready for restoration.

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The mystery vehicle

On the same side of the barn is another car. Hiding under a tarp. The guys pull off the dusty blanket and take a closer look. It’s an old black vintage car, but it’s a mystery to them. They find no distinguishing mark or brand insignia. It has a massive heart-shaped grille, suicide doors, sculpted fenders, splitter window, running boards, wooden bodywork, whitewall tires, wire wheels and what looks like a V8 engine. He could well be nearly a hundred years old.

Since filming, their YouTube video has garnered a slew of comments. Many respondents identify the car as a 1934 Brewster Town Car. A semi-production luxury car with a Buick body. Manufactured by one of the oldest and most prestigious American coach builders of the time, Brewster & Co. And it is a fabulous find. A very rare car. One of only 130. During the Depression, Ford and Brewster teamed up and produced these custom bodies. And this one has one of the most distinctive grilles (perhaps not the most popular vehicle, but with car buyers at the time) in automotive history.

There’s probably a lot of car restorers right now chomping at the bit watching the video and seeing all the cool parts these guys discovered in that barn. So many different bits that just need a little cleaning up. As for the vintage cars they’ve stumbled upon, well, they definitely need to be restored to their former glory so we can all enjoy them again for what they really are, the history of the car.

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