This stunning 1962 Ferrari 250 GTE is an LT1 powered masterpiece


It is equipped with a fuel injected 350ci LT1 Gen II V8 engine that received a full service in 2014.

Featured image from the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTE auction
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From time to time on auto auction sites quite remarkable cars may appear for sale. Be it rare supercars, one of the few surviving examples of a sports car or even a classic pickup truck. Corn currently listed on Bring a Trailer is it 1962 Ferrari 250 GTE 2 + 2, which now has a 350ci LT1 V8 engine under the hood to create an absolute masterpiece. The auction at the time of writing is $ 100,000 and currently resides in Knoxville, Tennessee.

A modified project from 2005

1962 Ferrari 250 GTE Auction Rear Quarter View
via Bring a Trailer

The car was actually acquired by its owner’s brother in 2005, when it was already a modified car. The car was then refurbished over the following years and hit the road again before the death of its brother in 2013. The project was completed in 2014. The Ferrari is in a classic red with a dark navy center stripe across the car. the body, which is beautifully accented with yellow trims and black rocker panels. It’s a stunning color scheme that really suits this classic Ferrari. There are a few imperfections, but that doesn’t detract from the overall look of the car.

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Beautiful black leather interior

1962 Ferrari 250 GTE Interior Photo Auction
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Enter the Ferrari and we will see a wonderful black interior with 2 + 2 seats. Black upholstery also covers the seats, door panels, dashboard and custom center console. A classic wood-rimmed Nardi steering wheel sits on a tilting control column, and it beautifully frames a 140 mph speedometer, tachometer, and fuel gauge, all of which come from Classic Instruments. Since the odometer was installed, the car has only driven 1,600 miles, although the actual total chassis mileage is currently unknown.

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The 350ci V8 is the real star

1962 Ferrari 250 GTE Auction Front Quarter View
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The real star of the show, however, is this V8 engine. Specifically, this is a 350ci LT1 Gen II fuel injected V8 engine that received a full service in 2014. This service included a throttle body overhaul as well as replacement of gasket seals. ‘injector, spark plugs and wires. As for the transmission, the car is rear-wheel drive and the power of the V8 is fully managed via a Tremec T5 five-speed manual transmission. This is also paired with a custom driveshaft, as well as a real Ferrari rear axle. It is certainly a unique, but magnificent creation that will delight a new owner.

Source: Bring a trailer

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