TOP 5 Most Popular Cars To Drive In New Jersey


We’re nearing the end of the year and at the end of 2021 you might be thinking of some new vehicles for 2022. The end of the year always seems to get people thinking of “new” things for the ” new “year and cars are no different. .

We decided to take a look at the TOP 5 most popular rides here in the Garden State, maybe something to consider as the New Year approaches. Our data comes from who have published their lists of the most popular makes and models for each state for 2021 and we take a look at their TOP 5 for New Jersey.

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Let’s take a look at the TOP 5 most popular cars for 2021 here in New Jersey according to the latest Edmonds news ….. Jake Leonard

Nissan rogue

5. SUVs dominate our TOP 5 here in New Jersey and the Nissan Rogue comes in fifth. Krish Parmar

Toyota rav 4

4. Looks like New Jersey loves their SUVs while another makes the TOP 5. The Toyota Rav 4 rightly comes in at # 4

Unsplash.comb Kirk Thornton

Jeep grand cherokee

3. Another SUV makes its entry into our TOP 5, the Jeep Grand Cherokee arrives at number 3 here in Jersey.
Andre Sterling

Honda Civic

2. The Honda Civic is number two on our list of New Jersey’s most popular cars. This vehicle has been a favorite for many years now. Premkumar Masilamani

Honda CR-V

1. The most popular vehicle in the Garden State is the Honda CR-V SUV. The CR-V received Edmonds’ first nod in 2021.


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