Tucson police officer credited with saving life of cyclist struck by tractor-trailer | Local news



With several 911 calls from passers-by, security footage from local businesses and witnesses, there was a lot of work to do as they waited for the hospital to tell them if the victim would survive.

By the time Robinson left the scene, he had been told she was still alive, but he did not know the extent of her internal injuries.

“About a week later, one of my command staff informed me that the medics said we had saved the woman’s life,” Robinson said.

Paramedics from the Tucson Fire Department and the victim’s surgeon, Dr Adil Lokhandwala, acknowledged that Robinson’s rapid use of tourniquets saved her, according to TPD officials.

Lokhandwala was unable to speak specifically about this case due to patient privacy laws, but he spoke about the importance of tourniquets in managing traumatic injuries in the field.

“Tourniquets play a vital role in controlling potentially fatal extremity bleeding, so much so that they have become standard equipment for law enforcement to carry, especially since they may be the first personnel. to arrive at the scene, ”Banner-UMC said. surgeon.

“The correct application of the tourniquet can stop the bleeding and keep seriously injured people alive long enough to obtain definitive care,” he said, adding that Banner Health’s trauma program is active in research and research. training pre-hospital teams on the proper use of equipment, and educating civilian passers-by through the “Stop The Bleed” campaign.



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