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Freight vehicles are part of a fairly lucrative industry. The variety of options makes it possible to order the transport of goods across the country. New trucking business owners are faced with a difficult task: how to choose the right type of truck.

You can answer this question by familiarizing yourself with common vehicle options prepared by ezlogz.com. The area of ​​use for each of them is different, so it’s worth taking a closer look at the best ones. To do this, you will need to decide on your preferred type of trucking and purchase a suitable truck.

Common types of trucking

Each year, trucks transport around 10 billion tonnes, indicating a high demand for the services. According to preliminary estimates, the demand for trucking vehicles is expected to increase as the industry expands at a rapid pace. Do you want to start your own business? Choose the following truck types in demand!

Flatbed trucks

The peculiarity of the trailers is that the sides and the top are completely absent. The popularity of these trucks is due to their ability to haul any oversized cargo, including parts and construction materials. Belts and tarpaulins are used to protect goods. Fastening tools are needed to secure the position and prevent damage.

Stepped platform trucks

Tiered trucks are in demand due to the possibility of excluding damage to the cargo being transported. The presence of a step allows the goods to be positioned slightly lower than expected and avoids contact with the abutments of the bridge. Since the cargo is being transported outdoors, you will have to worry about the presence of protection. The only downside is the limited cargo area.

Refrigerated trucks

This type of truck is in demand in the food and pharmaceutical industry. In this case, the body includes both walls and a roof. During the transport of products and medicines, the preferred temperature is maintained, which allows the delivery of goods in good condition and suitable for consumption. The rules of good neighborliness should be taken into consideration during transport, but this does not affect the profits in any way.

Dry vans

The main advantage of trucks is reliable weather protection. Rain, snow and other bad weather will not affect the goods. Moisture can be excluded thanks to the side walls and above. It is not necessary to maintain a certain temperature regime.

Dry trucks are often used to transport furniture, electronics, etc. The prevalence of these vans is due to the level of demand for the service. The transport of goods in dry vans allows an increase in the load thanks to the closed body type.

Automatic transporter

This type of truck is popular among trucking companies. Cars and other vehicles are only transported by this type. Wheel locking systems and fastening straps are used to protect the goods. Protection against rain is provided by the presence of a roof.

Dump trailer

The truck is equipped with a lifting device, thanks to which the unloading of bulk materials takes a minimum of time. The elevator allows you to tilt the body to a convenient angle and unload it. The dump trailer is not a popular truck, so it is possible to get good deals quite often.


These trucks are used to transport liquids (most often gasoline). The body is represented by a long closed cylinder. Thus, it is possible to exclude the entry of debris, raindrops or snow. To load, we use hatches located in the upper part.



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