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Biuro Informacji Kredytowej – BIK is an institution that records the credit history of every Polish citizen who has used a loan offer in the past. If the repayments were not made on time or the loan was not repaid at all, then there is such a record and the person will not receive a loan in the future.

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Lack of creditworthiness - no longer excludes

Online payday loans via – is one of the latest trends in the financial products market.

However, the inability to repay a loan or meet the deadlines for paying installments does not have to be a permanent state and often it is not. Not one person has temporary financial problems in his life. When it reaches the state of income stability, why deprive it of the opportunity to take advantage of the loan offer.

For such people, loan and loan offers were created without checking in BIK. These loans are more expensive due to the risk borne by the lender, but they open up chances for obtaining a loan for people who are excluded from this market. The financial industry is very dynamic when it comes to making use of all possibilities to reach customers and sell their products. Also, loan companies are very actively looking for niches in which they will be able to make profits. One such niche is the short-term loan market – popularly also known as online payday loans, where you can have money on your bank account in 15 minutes, without even verifying your phone by employer. Online financial products market

Competition on the internet loans market is huge.

This demonstrates the size and huge potential of this customer sector. Despite the potentially large amount of outstanding loans and the high cost of getting to high viewership sites, business in this area is profitable. Competition results in the fact that the quality of services increases and companies try to make their offer more attractive. Loans for free or resignation from the commission are possible.

Online loans granted without verification are the domain of non-bank institutions. However, they are also required to provide information on the APRC – i.e. the Actual Annual Interest Rate. This is clear information about the true total cost of the loan.

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