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Please slow down and use caution in construction work areas. Courtesy/LAC

County News:

Public works projects:

The projects listed in this section are managed by county public works staff through contractors.

For more information, please email [email protected], call 505.662.8150, or visit the “Projects/Public Works” section link.

Please slow down and use caution in construction work areas. Please note that the information below is based on a schedule provided by the contractors and may change due to weather conditions or other delays.

Canyon Road Reconstruction

TLC Plumbing and Utility, under contract with the Los Alamos County Department of Public Works, has begun Phase 1 of the three-phase road and utility construction project on Central Avenue and Canyon Road. Traffic delays are to be expected.

Phase 1 begins at Central Avenue and Rose Street and continues to the West Alley of the Aquatic Center. This segment of work is expected to be completed by August 8th. The staff back alley at Los Alamos High School is scheduled to reopen on Tuesday, August 2. Crews will also work on the sewer main north of the Los Alamos High School training ground.

Phase 2 will begin at Canyon Road at the west driveway of the Aquatics Center and continue to 39th Street. This work is scheduled between September 8 and October 1.

Phase 3 is scheduled to begin October 1 and will include the canyon section between the Aquatic Center and the Nature Center. The completion of the three phases of the project is scheduled for the end of November 2022.

The Aquatic Center, Canyon Village Apartments, and IHM Catholic Church can be accessed on Canyon Road going east from Diamond Drive. Public Works officials ask motorists to please follow detour signs.

The intersection of Central and Rose, as well as the intersection of Central and Canyon are closed to through traffic. To access the United Church, Nature Center, and Jewish Center, motorists should use Rose and Canyon heading west from 15th Street.

Sidewalk closures are posted with detour signs to direct pedestrians away from the work area.

According to the Traffic and Streets Division, crews will adjust the traffic light timing sequence along Diamond to ease traffic flow. Additionally, Atomic City Transit and Park and Ride staff have adjusted bus routes accordingly. Services such as mail delivery, garbage and recycling collection and emergency services will be maintained.

Construction hours are 5:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday. To stay on schedule and avoid weather delays, crews will have an earlier departure time. Motorists and pedestrians are urged to exercise caution around construction activities, avoid entering the work area, and obey all work area signage. Motorists are urged to use Trinity Drive as much as possible as the main artery between the neighborhoods and the city centre.

The tennis courts located on Canyon will be closed during the project as they are used as an equipment storage area for the duration of the project.

Public Works officials thank the community in advance for their continued cooperation and patience. Call or email the Public Works Department at 505.662.8150 or [email protected] with questions or concerns.

Sherwood Boulevard and Aztec Avenue

Star Paving Company crews will continue road and drainage improvements on Sherwood Boulevard between Piedra Loop and Aztec Avenue.

Sherwood will be closed to Grand Canyon Drive for all traffic before the Aztec intersection. Sherwood residents will need to enter and exit Sherwood from the Grand Canyon. This closure is necessary to facilitate the installation of a new storm drain pipe.

The closure of this first phase of work will continue until mid-August. Closure for the next phase of roadwork from Longview Drive to Aztec has begun. The final phase will be Piedra Loop to the Grand Canyon and is scheduled for the end of August.

Traffic devices and detour signs are in place to facilitate the circulation of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians in the work area.

Vehicle access is limited to those residing in the immediate work area and mail delivery, emergency services, garbage and recycling collection. For the safety of the traveling public, residents are asked not to remove or move traffic control devices, signs and barricades. Area residents who may have special access needs are asked to contact the Public Works Department.

Working hours are subject to change depending on weather conditions and any major shipping delays. Working hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Call or email the Public Works Department at 505.662.8150 or [email protected] with questions or concerns.

Cumbres del Norte Road Improvements

Star Paving crews continue curb and gutter, sidewalk and driveway removal operations on Camino Medio, as well as from the intersection of Camino Redondo and San Ildefonso Drive southbound about 2,500 feet. The contractor will also perform cold milling of asphalt and grading of subsoil and base course from the intersection of Camino Redondo, southerly for approximately 2,000 feet, as well as the formation and placement of sidewalks, curbs and gutters and training pads throughout the removal area described. Expect contractor personnel and equipment to be in the area. Be careful when traveling in the project work area.

DP Road (Works related to Canyon Walk Apts and The Bluffs – Bethel Development)

A contractor working for Qualcon Builders will continue building the remaining sections of sidewalk, replacing the broken curb and gutter, installing street lighting, and cleaning and grading along the sides of DP Road. These activities will impact DP Road from Trinity Drive to Fire Station No. 2, with segments of the roadway being periodically restricted to traffic to one lane controlled by a flagman. One-lane traffic restrictions will only take place during construction hours, potentially from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.

This work on DP Road is related to Canyon Walk Apartments and The Bluffs Senior Residences (under construction). The roadway reconstruction includes the installation of curbs and gutters, sidewalks and pavement paving, the majority of which was completed in the fall of 2021. All remaining construction activities related to the reconstruction of DP Road should now be completed by the end of August (weather permitting).

Traffic and street projects:

The projects listed in this section are managed by staff of the County Traffic and Streets Division.

Slow down and use caution in construction work areas. Call Daniel Blea, Acting Director of Traffic and Streets with any concerns, 505.663.8206.

Vegetation control on sidewalks and paths leading to schools

From August 1-5, street crews will manage vegetation on the sidewalks and pathways that access all schools in Los Alamos. Pedestrians should work with teams when walking along these areas. They will assist you along the work area.

Preventive maintenance of school flashers

Traffic electricians will continue preventive maintenance of school flashers in all schools until August 8. Work will begin at each site at 9:00 a.m. and end at 3:30 p.m. The work will mainly be carried out on the shoulder of the roadway. Vehicular traffic may be temporarily interrupted, pedestrian traffic will not be affected.

Painting of school zone curbs and tracing of crosswalks continues

Crews continue to paint the school zone curbs and will work primarily on the shoulder. It is not expected that traffic or pedestrians will be impeded. Traffic is asked to slow down in all work areas and obey all traffic devices.

Turn Lane Arrow Painting on State Road 4 in White Rock

Crews continue to install turn lane arrows at White Rock on NM 4. Crews will set up a sign operation and may change lanes intermittently as needed. Vehicular traffic is encouraged to slow down at this location and follow all traffic control devices and flaggers.

Projects outside the county:

The following road construction updates are posted below in an effort to keep residents informed, but are managed or conducted by others. Please respect all traffic devices and the slowdown in work areas.

Transportation of modular homes to Sycamore Street on August 3 and 4

JR Theroux Mobile Home Service, Inc. will transport both halves of a modular home to Sycamore Street beginning with the first half from 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. on Wednesday August 3 and followed by the second half from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Thursday, August 4. The executives will be brought back from Los Alamos later those same days.

The first frame will be transported offsite and out of Los Alamos via Truck Route at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, August 3. The second frame will be transported at 7 p.m. on Thursday, August 4.

The route will begin at the Omega Bridge (Los Alamos Canyon Bridge) and head north on Diamond Drive to Trinity Drive. The transport will turn left onto Trinity and head west to 48e Street then Sandia Drive to the intersection of Sandia and Diamond. The transport will then turn left onto Diamond and head north to Sycamore Street and destination. The executives will travel the same route in reverse.

The contractor is asking residents who live along Trinity or Sycamore to avoid parking vehicles on the street on these days. Vehicles should be parked off the streets in residents’ respective driveways, if possible, to clear a path for the oversized load to move along the road. Leaflets will be posted in advance on vehicles and gates along the route.

For any questions or concerns regarding this transportation project, contact Armond Theroux Jr. at 505.281.4847.

Construction updates are posted on the county’s website each Friday explaining traffic control to be expected for the following week – click the road construction quick link – or click HERE.

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Please slow down and use caution in construction work areas. Courtesy/BAC


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