What is the most durable truck?


Most consumers choose pickup trucks for their reliability and durability. The Ford F-150 is a workhorse and has become America’s favorite pickup truck. The F-150 may be the most popular, but is it the most durable? What is the most durable van on the market?

The most durable pickup truck is a blast from the past

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When it comes to longevity and reliability, a car manufacturer has become a standout brand in the automotive industry. Japanese automaker Toyota is responsible for some of the most reliable automobiles ever created. According to iSeeCars.com, models like the Toyota Land Cruiser and Toyota Sequoia are among the most durable SUVs. It’s no surprise that a Toyota pickup truck is the most durable pickup truck.

Are we in the golden age of pickups today? Probably not. The Toyota pickup (yes, that’s really its name) surfaced at a time when Ford and Dodge had the truck segment in a stranglehold. The long-life pickup might not have been the most popular model when it debuted, but it’s hard to find a model that has aged so well over time.

Toyota Pickup Licks and Keeps Rolling

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The Toyota pickup epitomizes the phrase “they don’t make ’em like they used to.” This pickup is legendary in durability due to its box-frame design. Automakers rarely use box-section frame designs for trucks today because they cost more than C-channel frames. Toyota may have cut costs with the truck by making it stripped down, but the frame in expensive box made it sturdier than most modern trucks.

Automakers have learned that inflexible box-frame designs can be taxing on suspensions. The Toyota pickup’s ride quality is far too tough for today’s average consumer. A byproduct of the rigid box frame is a slower aging process.

The Toyota pickup has proven time and time again that it is built to last due to its unique design. The video above proves that the truck can sustain serious damage.

The Toyota Tacoma is a descendant of the Toyota Pickup

The Toyota pickup | Thierry Falise/LightRocket via Getty Images

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Today’s Toyota pickup trucks may not be as durable as the Toyota pickup truck, but the Tacoma certainly has some of the qualities of its predecessor. The Tacoma also doesn’t have the smoothest ride quality, but it also retains its value over time through its design and durability.

The Toyota Tacoma is praised by Edmunds for its off-road capabilities. It may not be as durable as the Toyota Pickup, but it carries the Japanese automaker’s torch as a standout model in its vehicle segment. Is the Toyota pickup the best truck ever made because of its reliability and longevity?

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