Why Cybertruck Pricing and Specs Are Dropped


Why Cybertruck Pricing and Specs Are Dropped

Tesla has removed Cybertruck specs and pricing. The command page has seen many variations and Elon Musk said it will have a dual and quad motor variant. It is a truck that is intended to be solid and durable.

Vans are beaten and weaken over time due to cargo transportation and durability testing. Tesla puts the Cybertruck through a series of tough tests in order to be the most durable and capable electric truck on the market.

The Cybertruck is not a vaper as many have claimed. There are frames that are stamped with the Giga Press.

Additionally, LFP batteries can be a good option for the Cybertruck due to their longevity. However, the 4680 batteries will probably be used for their power and their cost reduction. Tesla struggled to get enough batteries and struggled to produce a new type of pickup truck – the Cybertruck. It’s a whole new concept.

The Cybertruck Challenge

Elon Musk is an optimist and sometimes too optimistic. No pessimist could have done what Elon Musk did with Tesla and you need someone optimistic to do the Cybertruck. There have been sightings of the Cybertruck prototype, showing that it will indeed be shipped to customers.

In the reveal, the Cybertruck was hit with a mallet and steel balls were thrown at the glass. The glass shattered because the door underneath was hit with the mallet first, but it shows that Tesla is very serious about making sure the truck is durable.

The Cybertruck will have an all-new camera setup, given that it’s unlike any electric car Tesla has ever produced. The Cybertruck prototype has side mirrors as it is a legal requirement. Otherwise, they probably wouldn’t have them.

There was a photo of a Cybertruck being loaded onto a tray that was dirty and looked like it had gone through a series of tests. It shows that Tesla is testing it to see if it will hold up to real-world driving.

Its stainless steel exoskeleton and bodywork should mean this is the toughest pickup ever. The fact that it is electric puts it in a category of its own. This will make it much stronger than gas trucks from Ford and GM.

Water won’t be a problem with this vehicle – you can cross a river if you need to. The only problem could be that the truck could fly away.

We’ll have to see what the price is and what the final specs are when deliveries start rolling in. It will probably be the 2nd half of 2023. Chances are that we will also see a basic variant of the Cybertruck with LFP batteries in order to make it affordable and still profitable.

Why do you think the Cybertruck order page removed the price and specifications? Will it cost less than $100,000?

For more information, watch this video of the Electric Viking:

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