Why Jessica Jones’ Powers Are So Inconsistent On Her Marvel Show


Jessica Jones is a different type of hero than the Marvel Cinematic Universe has brought so far, and viewers have pointed out that her powers are quite inconsistent on her Marvel show – but why and what exactly are Jessica Jones’ powers? The MCU has been constantly expanding since its debut in 2008 with Jon Favreau’s Iron Manand although he has now successfully branched out into TV/streaming, he had one unsuccessful attempt in 2015 with Marvel’s Netflix TV series: daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, iron first, The defendersand The Punisher.

Jessica Jones was released in November 2015, and it was so well received by critics and viewers, that it was renewed for a second season – but as (infamously) happens with many Netflix shows, it was canceled after its third season. Jessica Jones was darker than anything the MCU had seen at the time, and it followed the title character (played by Krysten Ritter), a former superhero who opened his own detective agency. Over the course of three seasons, Jessica struggled with her inner demons and many past traumas – from the death of her parents and baby brother to the abuse she suffered with her partner, Kilgrave (David Tennant).


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Compared to the rest of the MCU, Jessica Jones was not only darker but more grounded, as his superpowers weren’t on the fantasy side (like, say, Thor or Doctor Strange) and the show’s main focus was his career as a private detective rather than his side Super hero. However, over the years viewers have pointed out that Jessica Jones’ powers are very inconsistent throughout her show, which in turn raises the question of what exactly her powers are, their origins in the comics, and how these changed when she made the jump. to TV/streaming.

Powers and Abilities of Jessica Jones in Marvel Comics

Jessica Jones on the cover of a Contagion cover

Jessica Jones was created by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos and made her first appearance in A.k.a #1 in 2001, although it was set retroactively to having first appeared in amazing fantasy #15, in 1962, as an originally unnamed classmate of Peter Parker (and thus Stan Lee and Steve Ditko are also credited as creators). Born “Jessica Campbell”, she was actually present when Peter was bitten by the spider that gave him superpowers, but she’s not the only hero linked to her backstory, as her father worked for Tony. Stark. One day, Jessica’s father received tickets to Disney World from Tony, but on the way home, the Campbells’ car collided with a military convoy carrying radioactive chemicals. Jessica’s family was killed and she spent months in a coma, and after waking up she was adopted by the Jones family. Sometime later, Jessica learned that radiation exposure had given her superhuman abilities, and later decided to use them for good.

Jessica Jones’ powers and abilities as established in Marvel Comics are superhuman strength and flight, although the latter was an ability she never fully mastered, and although she was able to fly quite well. during her early years as a superhero, she said her ability degenerated as she was no longer an active hero. After her time under Kilgrave’s control, Jessica underwent psychic therapy with Jean Gray in order to protect her mind from further mind control, and thus this ability was officially added to the list. Jessica Jones is best known for her incredible strength, as well as her skills as a detective and investigative journalist.

Powers and Abilities of Jessica Jones in The Defenders Saga

Jessica Jones and Kilgrave

Unsurprisingly, Jessica Jones’ powers and origins in The Defenders Saga are different than in the comics. In the series, Jessica Jones was the daughter of Brian and Alisa Jones and the older sister of Phillip, who constantly annoyed him, but she was always very protective of him. One day, while on a road trip with her family, she and her brother started arguing over a Gameboy, which distracted their father, leading to their car hitting the back of the truck. in front of them. Her father and brother died in the accident (and her mother was thought to have been killed as well, but was revealed to be alive in Season 2), and she fell into a coma in the hospital. While in the hospital, she was secretly experimented with gene-editing therapy, granting her special abilities. Jessica was later adopted by Dorothy Walker as a publicity stunt to promote her daughter’s TV show.

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Jessica Jones’ powers in The Defenders Saga are superhuman strength, durability, speed, agility, stamina, reflexes, regenerative healing factor, superhuman leap, and enhanced psychic resistance. Jessica was initially susceptible to Kilgrave’s mind control powers, but she developed a resistance after being forced to kill Reva Connors, and this resistance is what helped her defeat Kilgrave for good. All of this, of course, along with his detective skills and combat expertise.

Why Jessica Jones’ Powers Are So Inconsistent On Her Show

Jessica Jones

As mentioned above, viewers have pointed out over the years that Jessica Jones’ powers on her TV show are pretty inconsistent. Many fans complained about how she could land from a great height and absorb the impact, but she could be knocked unconscious when hit in the head with a board and break her ribs when hit. by a truck. While some have justified this by explaining that she has enhanced durability but is still vulnerable, her strength is also inconsistent across these three seasons. The reason for this is rooted in her personal struggles: from the moment audiences meet Jessica Jones, she’s been battling PTSD as a result of the abuse she suffered with Kilgrave, and she was also an alcoholic. The inconsistency of her powers was a result of her PTSD and also depended on whether she was sober or not so much.

How powerful is Jessica Jones compared to other defenders?

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Jessica Jones joined Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist in The defenders, and although some of them have powers similar to his, they are not on the same level. Of the Defenders, the strongest is Luke Cage, whose powers are much the same as Jessica’s (minus psychic resistance), except that his skin is extremely durable and bulletproof. , and he is also an expert combatant and investigator. Then there’s Iron Fist, who has the same abilities as Jessica and Luke, but he also possesses chi manipulation, through which he can increase his physical and mental abilities. Using this, he can do the Iron Fist punch, chi blast (the release of powerful waves of concussive force upon impact), chi sense (feeling another person’s inherent life force and the impurities infecting the body), and is also a master martial artist.

Last but not least is Daredevil, whose abilities are enhanced senses (all of them), and with that come more specific powers like echolocation, lie detection, thermoreception, and electroreception. Daredevil also has enhanced reflexes and is extremely skilled in different types of combat. Jessica Jones is therefore one of the most powerful members of the Defenders, although not the one at the top of the list, but that doesn’t make her any less valuable to the team. We still don’t know if Jessica Jones will officially join the MCU, just like Daredevil did in Spider-Man: No Coming Home or not, but it would be fun to revisit his many abilities and how they can be useful in the ever-changing MCU.

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